Experience the Uckermark region, the so called Toscana of Germany and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the “Unteres Odertal (Lower Odra River Valley) National Park”…
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Guided canoe tours in the “Unteres Odertal National Park” and the neighbouring waterways along the Polish boarder.
The wilderness of this singular river landscape is best discovered by taking to the water by canoe. The company "
flusslandschaft reisen" is run by the qualified geographer Frauke de Vere Bennett, she offers guided day tours where you will have the opportunity to experience this wonderful nature at eye level.
You have the chance to observe rare animals such as white tailed sea eagles, beavers, cranes and plants like the flowering rush or floating ferns in this very remarkable natural wonderland. You may be surprised what waits to be discovered in this landscape of expansive waterways!

The canoes are easy and safe to use, they enable the beginners and the unpractised paddlers to enjoy a relaxed tour through one of the last existing natural alluvial terrain in central Europe. The tour begins with a „little paddlers school“ that also includes instruction in the use of the supplied safety equipment, life jackets and the watertight barrel for personal belongings such as cameras and mobile phones.
Guests are asked to bring a picnic with them for the mid day break at the half way point of the tour where the paddlers can also stretch their legs at the idyllic resting place. The tours can be performed in either the German or English languages.

Whether with the family, friends, with a club or as a company social event – a canoe tour in the far north-east of Germany is an unforgettable experience!

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or Telephone: +49 (0)172 1979316

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A dream excursion for naturalists, photographers, hikers, canoeists and cyclists.

Further information under Nationalpark] and discover the exceptional flora and fauna. An natural Eldorado of expansive reed lined waterways and winter floodplains, meadows, dikes and wooded areas with abundant vantage points and information boards.
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